Breakfast Club Interview: Actress Jada Pinkett Smith


Jada Pinkett Smith is more than just Will Smith’s wife. She is an actress, director and musician. This morning, she spoke to the Breakfast Club about her life in Hollywood, what it’s like to be put under a microscope, and being famous dog trainer, Cesar Milan’s first customer.

She reveals “I met Cesar when I was about 19 or 20, so I’ve known Cesar even longer than I’ve known Will!”

Jada is currently promoting her new film that she executive produced called Free Angela & All Political Prisoners. It is a documentary about the Angela Davis story. Jada says she is very proud of the film because “it is a part of American history that we should all know.”

Documentary aside, the Breakfast Club wasted no time asking Jada the real tough questions. Since she is a Baltimore native and Will was famously born and raised in Philly, they asked her to rank the Baltimore Ravens, the Philadelphia Eagles, cheese steaks and crab cake sandwiches. She took the safe route and chose the Ravens and Philly cheese steaks as her top two favorites. Smart move!

When Val asked about Jada about her and Will’s rumored “open marriage” Jada says “there is nothing as far as an open marriage.”
She warns “be very careful reading sound bites because people will pull out certain aspects of a conversation that will help create a story that they want to make.”

The gang then got a bit personal with Jada asking “Are you and Will still getting jiggy wit it?” Jada responded laughing, “Oh come on now, we are talking about Free Angela and dogs and that is your segue?” Smooth!

Free Angela & All Political Prisoners is out in select AMC Theaters now.

-Kristina M. Dougherty, WOGL, Philadelphia

CLICK BELOW to hear more from Jada on the rumors of her open marriage…


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