Breakfast Club: Local Boston Marathon Runner Tells His Story


Yesterday, the Boston Marathon ended tragically with two bombs exploding just blocks from the finish line, killing three people and injuring over 180.

Ross and the rest of the Breakfast Club immediately contacted each other when they heard what had happened. Val’s friend and father of three, Will Mullen, ran in the marathon. Thankfully, he is safe and has returned home. He called in to the Breakfast Club this morning.

Will said he was unable to actually cross the finish line and was about 500 yards from finishing when officials stopped him from going any further due to the explosions.

“It was complete pandemonium going on. In the twenty races I’ve done, they’ve never just stopped anyone,” he explained.

Will wasn’t sure exactly what had happened at the time, but he said he knew something bad had occurred from the sounds of police sirens and screaming.

While Will didn’t hear the bombs going off, he said “running into the center of Boston, the Red Sox game just let out, and there is about a couple hundred thousand people on the sidelines…The crowds were nuts, and then there was tragedy.”

Will was fortunate enough to have his cell phone and texted his wife that he was safe.

When he tried to call her, the call wouldn’t go through due to the thousands of others trying to get in touch with loved ones.
During and after all of the chaos, the remaining runners were stopped.

“Everyone had just run over 25.8 miles, and we’re thinking we’re going to have to finish, but no one can move their legs. People are sweating and starting to shake. We were basically stuck in the crowd for an hour,” Will explained.

The officials did not tell them any information for some time, but “the people of Boston were awesome. They started to see the runners were in bad shape, so the restaurants started bringing out water and opening up their doors to say, ‘Hey, what do you need?’” Will recalled.

Another hour later, the cops told the 8,000 remaining runners that the area was a crime scene. They opened up the gates and told the runners to do their best navigating their way back to their hotels and homes.

Will was able to make it to his car, thanks to a police escort down a blocked alley. Hours later, he made it back to his home and family in Malvern.

-Kristina M. Dougherty, WOGL


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