By Erica O’Mahony

Philadelphia, Pa (WOGL)

This Sunday WOGL’s Bob Charger had the opportunity to speak with artist, activist and the legendary love of John Lennon, Yoko Ono.

Yoko, along with Legacy Productions, has traveled the world with nearly 100 pieces of Lennon’s work, including sketches, lyrics, serigraphs, copper etchings and more. This weekend she brought the The Artwork of John Lennon to Bucks County at Occasions in New Hope, Pa.

A musical icon, the honest and outspoken voice of The Beatles, Lennon not only channeled his philosophy on peace and love through music, but also in art.

When asked why this art show is so important to her, Yoko stated, “John wanted to share it.”

John was an artist first. He studied at The Liverpool College of Art in the 1950s and frequently used art as inspiration for his songwriting. At the height of Beatlemania, John wrote “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” after 3 year-old son Julian brought home a star-studded drawing from school in 1966. (Julian was also the inspiration for Paul McCartney’s “Hey Jude” in 1968, after John divorced his first wife Cynthia.)

John’s artwork was also featured on the 1971 album Imagine.

“He always wanted to do a show and it was very difficult for him because he was too famous as a musician,” Yoko said. “And people thought ‘Oh anything he does in art is just a second to music and so he couldn’t get a really good show. So, I just want to make sure his artwork is also known and being appreciated by people. Its good for people, too. They like finding out what he did artistically.”

In the spring of 1975 John left music and it was  reported that he was spending time with family, but this was the time he was working on many of the pieces featured in The Artwork of John Lennon. In October of that year, on John’s 35th birthday, Sean Lennon was born. John approached fatherhood with creativity and humor, and the world caught a glimpse of the captioned drawings he made for Sean in the 1999 release of the picture-book “Real Love: The Drawings for Sean.”

Famous for having an incredible sense of humor, Lennon also had a lot of confidence in his artwork.

“He was an artist,” Yoko stated, “A very good one, and you’ll see that when you go to the show.”

When asked what fans can expect from the display at Occasions, Yoko had this to say:

“I think everybody, when they see John’s work, will be totally surprised that it will remind them of his songs, actually. Because there’s a connection of course.”

To hear more from the interview with Yoko Ono, CLICK HERE

For more information on the Artwork of John Lennon, please visit


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