Five Amazing Super Bowl Performances To Get You Ready For February

By: Renee Grant

Now that we know that Lady Gaga will be performing at Super Bowl LI, we’re in for an entertaining halftime show. With that, let’s take a look at five of the most electrifying Super Bowl halftime performances ever to grace our television screens.

5) Diana Ross: The undisputed queen of R&B showed the kids what performance is all about back in 1996 when she graced the field for Super Bowl XXX. While Beyoncé may be the pop diva of today, Diana is the original. Watch her performance again and just try to disagree.

4) Bruce Springsteen: It’s no secret that The Boss is one of our favorites around here, so seeing him on the halftime stage in front of millions of viewers was a high point for the tri-state area. And of course, Bruce brought his A-game, making 2009’s Super Bowl XLIII one of the greatest halftime performances ever.


3) Janet Jackson: Obviously. This halftime show was the one that changed the way all halftime shows after have been run. Fines were assessed, censors lost their minds, and Janet’s career is still trying to recover from the blacklisting she received after the now infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” Whether you believe it was on purpose or just an ill-timed mistake, the performance is still being talked about to this day. Beyond the final seconds of the performance, she absolutely put on an amazing show.

2) Michael Jackson: Is it any wonder that Michael Jackson would be on this list? If his sister was responsible for changing the modern set up of the Super Bowl halftime show, then Michael was responsible for its original evolution. Pre-MJ, the shows tended to be a lackluster hodgepodge of artists, blending genres and generations in an effort to appease all the fans who were watching. But, when you’re Michael Jackson, you appeal to everyone. And that’s just what he did. You know you’re amazing when you can pop up out of the stage and stand motionless for minutes and the crowd goes absolutely nuts.

1) Prince: The only star that could possibly have held a candle to Michael’s performance was Prince. From that shiny purple symbol guitar, to the coy way he smiled at the crowd and had us all eating out of the palm of his hand. But the moment we got to see The Purple One perform Purple Rain… IN the rain? It was as if he made the weather itself bend to his will and we believed he could. Who could forget that moment?

What was your favorite halftime show? Let us know!


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