By: Renee Grant

As the resurgence of vinyl’s popularity keeps growing, the need for ways to play those records is also on the rise. Because of this, vintage record players are starting to make a comeback as well.

Vinyl sales were up 32 percent to $416 million in 2015, their highest sales since 1988, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. As a result, young vinyl enthusiasts are taking those old family stereos and restoring them to their former glory.

While record players are now being cranked out to meet the demand, some are finding that the newer versions can be poorly made for cheaper production, leading to poorer quality in sound and use. Older players were made with more quality parts, leading most to not need repair for many years at a time.

Earlier this year, it was even reported that record player manufacturer Crosley will be producing classic vinyl jukebox player with updated digital features, of course. The machine will hold 70 7-inch vinyl records, which comes out to be 140 songs available for play. A Bluetooth feature and auxiliary inputs will allow you to supplement the vinyl tunes with anything you may have in your digital catalog.

If you have an old record player in your attic, chances are that getting it repaired may be worth the money over replacing it for a new model, and passing on the sound of a crackling vinyl with its warmer sound is a great way to get the little musicians around you excited about the medium.

Do you still listen to vinyl?


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