Band Shirt February: Let’s Make The Most Of Our T-Shirts

By: Michael Cerio

You love music.

I love music too, and over the course of a few decades I’ve managed to accumulate a stack of souvenirs that fill up my closet.

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It’s a cotton collection of memories from the bands I love, and even some I only kind of like in hindsight.

It’s the t-shirts that you overpaid for at a show, or were rushed into hastily purchasing in a parking lot. You might have bought them off a wall in the mall in your younger years, or snagged one freshly printed on a Target trip. Wherever it came from, the band shirt is an important way to tell the world, “this is the music that fuels me.”

In celebration of that, and as a way to justify to my girlfriend that our shelf space is better suited for shirts than shoes, I’ve started celebrating ‘Band Shirt February.’

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Each day this month, wear a different band shirt to celebrate the music you love. Share your photos on Facebook with #BandShirtFebruary and remember to tag Grammy In The Schools to raise awareness and help bring music to young people in an important way.

You should join in the fun, or at least watch along with me this month.

For more information on the work of Grammys In The School or to donate, check out their site here.

The 59th annual Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 12 only on CBS3.


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