Top Five Amazing GRAMMY Performances Ever

By: Renee Grant

As we gear up for another year of electrifying performances and inevitable disagreements over who should win which award, our minds are on the music. Every February, the GRAMMYs bring us the opportunity to see our favorite stars giving amazing performances, after weeks and months of grueling rehearsals. We get to watch as they bring down the house with incredible costumes, inimitable dance moves and powerhouse vocals, and we love them just a little bit more every time.

Grab a seat and get excited, here are five times we were wowed by our favorites on the GRAMMY stage!

  • Britney Spears – 2000

When Britney Spears stepped on the stage in a full-length tutu and sang From The Bottom of My Broken Heart, we knew we were in for something special… but when we got the full sequined red jumpsuit version of Baby, One More Time, we knew we were witnessing something special.

  • Shania Twain – 1999

Shania was at the top of her game that year when she hit the stage in a black corset dress, thigh-high boots and gloves to belt out her hit Man, I Feel Like a Woman. Looking amazing and giving an incredible performance, we all were huge Shania fans that night.

  • Eric Clapton – 1993

One of the most emotional GRAMMY performances ever televised, Eric Clapton took home six statues on the same night he performed the song he wrote for his late son, Tears in Heaven. Clapton sang the song and we all grabbed our tissues, a moment to remember.

  • Mariah Carey – 1991

We were just getting to know the young singer with the incredible voice that seemed like she could hit any note known to man, and seeing her sing her hit song Vision of Love live was enough to make you believe there was some Oz-like wizard backstage pulling the strings. She couldn’t sound that great, could she? She absolutely could… and did!

  • Whitney Houston – 1994

Speaking of incredible voices, absolutely flawless performances by Whitney Houston were always a given, but when she took the Grammy stage in a sparkling white gown to sing her hit song I Will Always Love You, she brought everyone in the house to their feet, hard for any artist to do to this day.

What are your favorite GRAMMY performances of all time?


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