Elton John Calls Disabled Teen Whose Birthday Video Went Viral

"Sir Elton John's on the phone, Lewis, and it's for you."

By Hayden Wright

British teenager Lewis Hine shared a video commemorating his birthday, recounting his journey through 13 brain surgeries to treat a tumor discovered at birth. That clip reached major news outlets and crossed the desk of Sir Elton John, who reached out to Hine and his family to express warm wishes.

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“This was a complete shock to me when this happened: Sir Elton John phoned me out of the blue saying he watched the video and found that I was so inspirational it made him cry,” Hine told the BBC.

His mother was equally shocked. “It was a crazy moment in our house — like, ‘Sir Elton John’s on the phone, Lewis, and it’s for you,'” she said.

Lewis said the music legend praised the impact of his viral video.

“He said he was just proud to hear there’s someone out there supporting children with disabilities and trying their hardest to make a difference.”

Watch Lewis’ original video here:

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