98.1 WOGL Takes A Trip To The Year 1980

By: Renee Grant

The eighties were some of the best years of our lives… the music, the slang, the television… the hair. It was a magical time draped in day-glow, drenched in a cloud of Aqua Net, and soundtracked by our carefully curated mixtapes.

Every week, 98.1 WOGL takes you back to the best decade with our #ThrowbackThursday, and this week, on April 6th, we go back to the year 1980!

1980 was a wild sports year for us in Philly. Our beloved baseball team, the Phillies, won the World Series and we finally got that parade we wished for so badly. Pittsburgh won Super Bowl XIV, and all of Pennsylvania had something to be excited about. Magic Johnson scored 42 points in a game between the 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers, leading our rival team to a 123 – 107 victory over our hometown heroes. The Flyers also lost their shot at the Stanley Cup in Game 6 against the New York Islanders.

Meanwhile, the PA Lottery was tainted by scandal as six men, including the live TV drawing host Nick Perry, rigged drawing results.

1980 also brought us the Rubik’s Cube, Iron Maiden, and the Empire struck back when we got the sequel to Star Wars. CNN made its debut and the 24-hour news cycle was born. Richard Pryor set himself on fire, and all of the United States was burning up as a heatwave kept us captive for most of the summer.

The internet was in its infancy, we all were wondering who shot J.R., and Ronald Reagan became the 40th president of the United States.

But what songs were on top in 1980? Check out some picks below, then jump in your time machine and follow us back down memory lane all day tomorrow on 98.1 WOGL!


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