6 Ways To Celebrate The Return Of Phillies Baseball

By: Renee Grant

Yo, Philly… tomorrow, April 7th, is the Phillies home opener at Citizens Bank Park!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the return of Phillies baseball to our city and we decided to share 9 ways for you to get in the spirit. If you’ll be at the game or just watching it from the comfort of your couch, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Get yourself a cheesesteak: What better way to fill up before the big game than to wolf down a delicious, greasy, cheesy taste of brotherly love on an Amoroso’s roll? Just don’t go to the tourist spots, everyone knows the best cheesesteaks come from neighborhood shops.

  1. What goes with a good cheesesteak? A Philly beer!: Philly has a wealth of food and drink that is uniquely “us.” From Wawa hoagies to Tastykakes, we’re an eating town, but when we’re ready to wash it down we want ice cold beer. Two Philly beers are perfect for the occasion. A classic Yeungling always hits the spot, but for those who want something a little different, you can try a brew from Saint Benjamin Brewing Company in North Philly.

  1. Time for a sweet treat while you get into the game? Have a water ice: The cold, fruity, frosty treat we all love is the perfect way to celebrate the game! Make sure you mix the flavors and colors into a red, white and blue pattern to show your Phillies spirit! May we suggest cherry, blueberry and lemon?

  1. Get your Phillies gear ready: If you don’t have gear ready, you can’t truly be a Philly sports fan! That “P” logo is as recognizable in this town as the Love Park statue and if you don’t break out your Phillies cap tomorrow, we’re sure somewhere, someone will be judging you.

  1. Make a Phillies playlist: What better way to get pumped up for the game than to play some music that gets you ready for baseball? Make yourself a playlist of great baseball related music, we’ll get you started…

  1. Play ball!: This one seems obvious, but hey… dig out your baseball glove andhead to the nearest diamond! The weather has finally warmed up, so what better way to celebrate the return of baseball than by throwing or hitting a few?

Are you excited to see the Phightin’ Phils back on the field?


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