Roger Waters: “Dave Gilmour And I Are Not Mates”

By: Renee Grant

There is no love lost (or found) between former Pink Floyd bandmates Roger Waters and David Gilmour. The two have had a tumultuous relationship since Waters left the group in 1985, 20 years after co-founding the band, citing them as a “spent force creatively.” Waters even sued the band guitarist Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason, and late keyboard player Rick Wright, after his departure to keep them from using the Pink Floyd name. He ultimately lost the case and later admitted it was wrong of him to do.

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Those hoping for an 11th-hour reconciliation may not want to hold their breath. In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph, Waters makes it clear he has no plans of making up with Gilmour. The 73-year-old rocker insists he and Gilmour were never close friends during the 18 years they spent in the band together.

“Dave and I are not mates, we never were and I doubt we ever will be,” Waters says. “Which is fine, there’s no reason why we should be.”

Discussing how he was able to create such iconic music with Gilmour, he continues, “I love Nick. And he loves me. We were always close. But you can be creative without being friends. David and I did a lot of great work together, which wouldn’t exist without both of us being there.”

Waters may respect that the music couldn’t have happened without everyone being involved, but he insists he is a better musician that Gilmour and Wright, who passed away in 2008.

“The music is hugely important to me. It may sound daft to say, but over the years I maybe haven’t taken quite enough credit for it,” he says. “I think the idea that Rick and David particularly tried to sell me in the band, when I was a young man, was that I was a bit of a headmaster but I shouldn’t bother myself with music because I wasn’t musical. It’s absolute crap. I’m twice the musician either of those guys ever were. I just am. I’ve got it in me.”


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