The Nelson Family wants to move estate proceedings along.

By Hayden Wright

Prince’s death last year at age 57 came as a shock to millions of fans — but his untimely passing also created a challenging situation for relatives with natural claims to his estate. The music icon did not leave a will and as a result, the courts have needed to hear and vet other claimants, all of whom have been rejected. Prince’s six siblings have requested an end to the process, which they claim is costing his estate unnecessary legal fees. They petitioned the judge to formally name them his rightful heirs and he says he’ll consider it.

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Attorneys for the rejected claimants say it’s important to leave the door open for other possible heirs—in case there are long-lost relatives or descendants whose claim to the estate is hampered by closing the inheritance circle now. It’s unclear just how many claimants have come forward, but the estate proceedings have gone on for more than a year since Prince’s death.

Lawyers for Prince’s family say it’s time to move forward with other administrative aspects of the estate.

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