By: Renee Grant

Tennis great John McEnroe wants you to know that if you’re ever going through a divorce, Eddie Vedder can get you through it. McEnroe, the bad boy of tennis throughout the 80’s, says that when he needed a friend after his separation from Tatum O’Neal in 1992, Vedder was the unlikely shoulder to cry on.

McEnroe went to see a Keith Richards New Year’s Eve concert with Pearl Jam as the opening act. He ended up spending the night hanging out with Vedder, who assured a distressed McEnroe that he would be OK. He considers that night his turning point, and he’s never forgotten it.

The anecdote comes from McEnroe’s new memoir, But Seriously, a follow-up to his 2002 memoir, You Can’t Be Serious.

McEnroe also reveals that he is estranged from his youngest son Sean and that Sean’s relationships with family members have been “quite turbulent.”

McEnroe admits that after his hiatus from tennis in the mid-90’s, he became a heavy marijuana smoker. That, he believes, led to drug use among his sons. While he says his well-documented fire has calmed considerably, he accepts that he may never shake the image he formed of being volatile.

One thing guaranteed to get him riled up these days is to ask for a selfie with him, he absolutely hates it. And never repeat his catchphrase, “you cannot be serious,” to him. He wishes for the time he can get through a day without hearing it.

The book is due out on June 27th.


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