"They just made a movie. They didn't think of it as a cultural event."

By Sonia Murray, CBS Local

John Singleton was in Atlanta’s V-103 studios this morning (June 22) to promote his new television series “Snowfall,” but his temperature spiked when the subject turned to the new¬†Tupac Shakur¬†movie, “All Eyez On Me,” or as the Academy Award-nominated director deemed it, “the debacle.”

“Are you displeased because of the final product, or that you didn’t get to do it?” asked Big Tigger, on The Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith.

“A little bit of both,” replied Singleton, who was once part of the project that was released last week under the direction of lauded music video lensman, Benny Boom.

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“They just made a movie. They didn’t think of it as a cultural event. They didn’t think of it in terms of something that affected our generation. They see a rap star,” he continued. “But dude was much more than a rap star. So that’s why I’m really upset.”

Singleton went on to explain his on-again-off-again participation in the film. “I walked off that movie twice. The only reason I stayed in the second time was ’cause [Shakur’s late mother] Afeni was like she didn’t care about the movie until I got involved. But the problem was they realized that me and [Afeni] were working together on what we thought the movie should be. And that made [co-producer] L.T. [Hutton] and those people that he works for upset because they really wanted to push her to the side.”

Then came the quote “All Eyez On Me” would never put on its posters: “They made the Aaliyah version of Pac,” Singleton declared, referring to the widely-panned Lifetime biopic of the beloved, late R&B singer.

“WORSE than that.”

Watch the full interview below. Cue in to 7:00 for Singleton’s thoughts on the film.



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