By: Renee Grant

Chic’s upcoming album will no longer feature a Prince-inspired track, Nile Rodgers has revealed. The album, titled It’s About Time, is the first release from Chic since their 1992 LP Chic-ism.

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Rodgers says the track, titled Prince Said It, won’t make the cut because after Prince’s untimely death last year, including the song left him feeling uncomfortable.

“From the time that I started to work on this album, a lot of heavy things have happened. I mean, David Bowie died. Prince died. People who were really, really close to me passed away, and that wasn’t supposed to be part of the narrative. The narrative was about working with these people—about having good times with them, you know,” Nile tells Pitchfork.

“The last two times I saw Prince was playing on stage with him and then him coming to my show,” he continues. “So the album was talking about that. As a matter of fact, there is a song on the album that the working title is “Prince Said It,” and it was about my conversations with Prince. But after he passed away, it felt wrong. It felt uncomfortable.”

The legendary musician originally planned to release the album last year but revealed it didn’t feel right to do so in the same year that both Prince and David Bowie passed away. He plans to release the LP this year (2017) to coincide with the band’s 40th anniversary.


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