By: Renee Grant

A new trend has been taking hold all over Hollywood, and Lionel Richie has jumped onto the bandwagon. The hot new thing? Investing in new startup companies.

Richie’s first investment is a healthcare startup called Heal, a doctor-on-demand service that would allow users to tailor personalized medical visits through an app, with each visit booked costing $99.

Richie feels the service is a return to when medical care was personal, like in the south where he grew up. Doctors would come to the home and treat patients instead of sitting in crowded waiting rooms.

“If you’re born and raised in Alabama in a small, tight-knit community, you know all the doctors, you know all the nurses… No one said meet me at the office at 8 o clock in the morning and wait,” he tells TechCrunch.

“When I met with Nick, he said ‘Here’s the pitch: we want to bring back affordable healthcare with doctors coming to the house in less than two hours,” Richie says of his first meeting with Heal founder Nick Desai. “And I said… are you kidding me… from there it was pretty much a question of how could he pull this off? And when I realized they had actually pulled off the logistics of it, that was it… It was pretty much what I love.”

Richie was also an early investor in Microsoft, proving he has a nose for great investments. Would you be willing to try the Heal app?


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