By: Renee Grant

Never-before-seen footage of the late, beloved Princess Diana will air early this August on the U.K.’s Channel 4 as part of a new documentary on her life titled Diana: In Her Own Words. The film features Diana speaking very candidly about different aspects of her life.

The documentary airs just weeks before the 20th anniversary of the princess’ tragic death on August 31, 1997.

Excerpts from tapes recorded by Diana’s speech coach Peter Settelen, hired to help Diana rebrand her public image following her separation from Prince Charles, include Diana speaking about her upbringing, dating Prince Charles and their subsequent marriage, her biography, and more.

The tapes recorded by Settelen were recorded at Diana’s private residence at Kensington Palace in 1992 and 1993, and are the only known “unmediated” video ever recorded of the princess.

Channel 4 says of the documentary, “With Diana at her most candid, informal, natural and charismatic the videos provide valuable new insight into one of the world’s most iconic women of the late 20th century and shed new light on her transformation into an enormously influential public figure who frequently dominated the world stage.”

Deputy Chief Creative Officer and Head of Factual Ralph Lee adds, “The tapes, which show a relaxed and off-duty Diana, are hugely illuminating about her personality, humor, and charm. Combined with historical context and interviews with her closest confidants, this film provides a nuanced, multi-layered portrait of the most famous woman in the world and a mother who has shaped the future line of the royal family.

“This film gives Diana a voice and places it front and center at a time when the nation will be reflecting on her life and death. It is her account of events both private and public and is an important contribution to the historical record.”


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