Roger Waters Addresses Anti-Trump Messages in ‘Us + Them’ Concerts

"Go see Katy Perry or watch the Kardashians. I don’t care.”

By Robyn Collins

Pink Floyd pioneer Roger Waters has been exhibiting some serious anti-Trump in his current Us + Them Tour. There are giant pop art images of the President with lipstick on, wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, wearing a dress, and rendered as an actual pig.

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“I do find it slightly surprising that anybody could have been listening to my songs for 50 years without understanding,” said Roger Waters when asked by CNN about the criticism he has received from some fans about his political messages.

In the interview, Waters blamed the media for crossing the line between “news and entertainment,” saying “Donald Trump is great for mainstream media, because he’s a buffoon.”

For those who oppose his vehemence and think he’s being too political, Waters said, “Go see Katy Perry or watch the Kardashians. I don’t care.”

Still, Waters insists that his tour had been “going great” even through the first few red states he has played. And although American Express bailed on the American Tour to the tune of $4 million because of Waters’ controversial views — including his firm opposition to the state of Israel — the company is still endorsing his Canadian shows.

When CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked Waters if there was any line he won’t cross, Waters said, “Of course, I would never be violent in any way. My protest is always non-violent.”

Waters ended the interview saying, “I only wish we could sit here and talk about love more.”

He did not confirm or deny whether this would be his last tour or not, acknowledging that it would be easier to tour if he didn’t have so many opinions.

Watch the CNN interview below:

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