By: Renee Grant

When the owner’s away, the dog will play… or maybe even read a book? Amazon says it has the perfect way to keep your dog calm after you leave them and head to work for the day, and it involves audiobooks.

Dog whisperer Cesar Millan has teamed up with Amazon’s Audible to create audiobooks to help keep Fido from freaking out when you aren’t around. Human voices tell your pup stories when they’re all alone.

According to a demonstration video, the stress that dogs feel when we aren’t around to tell them how good they are and rub their tummies can be a lot for them to handle. Studies show that dogs understand our tones of voice and they get used to hearing it, making our pooches pretty sad when we’re gone.

Millan and Audible gathered volunteers and tested them to see if the dogs’ behavior was any different while they were listening to the audiobooks. The results? Dogs did better on their positive behavior scores after the audiobooks were played for them.

Leslie, one of the participants in the study, says she likes using audiobooks to soothe her dog when she’s away.

“I would always feel guilty about leaving him alone,” she says. “But with the audible book I felt like I was leaving him with a friend, so it gave me a great feeling of comfort to be able to do that and it relieves some of my guilt when I had to go out.”

Millan says to use a speaker like the Amazon Echo for the books, and to place the speaker in a spot where the dog feels comfortable. Soon, the sight of the speaker becomes a reassurance that they can relax. He also says to monitor the volume and be sure the book is not too loud for them.

He also says to choose a book that matches the sound of the owner’s voice.

Would you consider playing audiobooks for your dog when you leave the house? Let us know!


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