By: Renee Grant

After a 30 year hiatus from major record labels, Boy George has inked a deal with BMG and will be bringing us a new solo album, a Culture Club album, and a Las Vegas residency!

George, 56, is due to release an album of cover songs later this year.

George tells the Daily Mail, “All that’s happening in my life is because I’m smiling, and I think that’s the best way to explain it.

“I feel I’ve worked really hard in the last three years and I’ve got amazing people around me. I’ve got a great manager now who totally gets who I am and who I can be and I couldn’t be happier in that respect.

“For the last couple of years, I’ve been excited about what I’m doing. I suppose I’ve come back home through my troubles to quite a positive place, and I’m just happy. From having a coffee in Starbucks to signing a record deal, it’s all great.”

The eclectic 80’s pop icon, heavily influenced by the work of David Bowie, says he’s excited for the opportunity to bring an album of cover songs to fans. He says, “I always do covers in my set anyway, and I actually really enjoy it,’ he explained. ‘It’s quite fun to jump into other people’s songs. I love Pin Ups by Bowie and I’ve been talking for years about doing my own version of Pin Ups.

“BMG want it to come from me. They want it to be things that I love. You know, there are some songs you hear and you think “I wish I’d sung that.” But also things that resonate with you.

“There will probably be a lot of seventies songs because the seventies was the decade when I discovered music and who I was as a person, and that whole punk thing has been part of my aesthetic. Glam rock, obviously Bowie, Marc Bolan, so I’ll see.”

The solo album is due out first, with the Culture Club album to follow sometime later this year or early next year. His residency is rumored to be a dual-headliner with Cyndi Lauper (who you KNOW we love at 98.1 WOGL)!

George says he’s taking his cues from Cher‘s Vegas shows, stating, “I think I’ll model myself mostly on Cher because she changes outfits every 11 minutes!’ he joked. ‘I think that might be a good starting point.”

He also plans to bring his extensive catalog of tunes and his creativity when it comes to visuals. “I think that will very much be a part of the show and I’m really excited about upping the ante because obviously, you’re a resident so you don’t have to move the set around and you can really experiment with the visuals,” he says. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do and have done to varying degrees over the years but it’s limited when you’re moving around with a massive band.

“The great thing about Vegas is that you’re in one space for a certain period of time, so you can try and pull out some extravagant things.

“There’s so much great technology and so many things you can do to make a great impact so I’m really looking forward to throwing in a bit of Cher, maybe a bit of Liberace as well. It’s me and I’m British so I think I’ll be bringing a punky aesthetic to it.”



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