By Scott T. Sterling

KISS legend Gene Simmons knows a thing or two about making money.

So it was no surprise when word came down that he was selling his massive upcoming 38-pound box set, The Vault, with escalating price tags depending on which ‘experience’ was purchased, topping out at a cool $50,000 for home delivery by the man himself.

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According to a new interview, however, Simmons claims that the $50K price tag is “fake news,” ultimately calling it a mistake made by the people controlling the box set’s website.

The revelation came during a video interview with podcast The Cassius Morris Show after Morris inquired about the price for home delivery of the box set. Simmons accused the host of spreading “fake news,” and challenged him to show evidence that the site has the delivery option listed at $50,000.

Simmons seems genuinely surprised when Morris does indeed pull up the website with the hefty price tag, going on to leave a profane message to the site controllers demanding that it be updated.

“You’ve helped me get our guys, because they’ve been asleep at the wheel,” Simmons tells Morris. “So I’m going to email them now.”

Simmons then proceeds to send that message while still on camera, using the dictation function to write it.

“Holy f––k- guys,” he dictated. “People still believe this is a $50,000 box set. And that’s because of your front page. Again, get rid of ‘producer and home experience’ off the front page, for f––-’s sake.”

Simmons add the price is only $2000, and for fans who buy it, “I will fly to them, my cost, I’ll bring security, insurance, all that stuff, and I will hand deliver the box set to their…wherever they are, at a convenient time and a convenient place. Period. Everything else is just extra stuff they can get if they want.”

Despite all of the interview theatrics, the price listed on the website for the “home experience” of having Simmons hand-deliver the box set to a purchaser’s home is still set at $50,000.

On the site’s FAQ page, if a purchaser decides to cancel the home experience more than 21 days before the scheduled arrival date, “you will be refunded the purchase price less a 25% cancellation fee ($12,500),” which also reflects a $50K price tag.


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