By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Friday, November 17th, is World Prematurity Day.

Perhaps you know someone whose baby was born premature.  Perhaps it was your baby.  Perhaps it was you.

Premature birth is a health issue across the globe, and if it hasn’t affected you, we guarantee it has affected someone you know.  Premature birth is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five worldwide, according to the March of Dimes, and results in greater health issues for premature babies than those who were born full term.

Every year, the March of Dimes recognizes World Prematurity Day in an effort to increase awareness, raise funding, and address the global effects of premature birth.  This year, however, is particularly critical.  In 2016, the nation’s preterm birth rate WORSENED for the first time in eight years.

That, obviously, is the exact opposite thing this campaign would like to see happening.

In that vein, we encourage you to spread the word about World Prematurity Day.  Advertise it on your social media.  Go to the March of Dimes website and visit the Give Them Tomorrow page for ways to volunteer and support the initiative.  Perhaps most importantly, make a donation…all funds raised today will be TRIPLE MATCHED by the March of Dimes!

Where else in life is ANYTHING triple matched???  Only here, only today, when you can literally make a difference in the lives of premature babies and their families…not to mention children of the future, the very individuals this campaign is hoping to protect with a drop in the rate of premature birth.

It’s a global movement to save the tiniest among us, and there’s a lot we can do to help.  In honor of the premature babies you’ve come into contact with…as well as all those we lost, born too soon…take a moment to recognize World Prematurity Day.



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