By Marilyn Russell

By: Laura Boss

Marilyn Russell spoke with “Mr. Wonderful” himself, Kevin O’Leary, on the WOGL Morning Show Monday morning. You know Kevin O’Leary from his role as an investor on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank.

He shared with Marilyn the exact moment he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from a lesson he learned as a teenager. He was working as a scooper in an ice cream shop and one day his boss asked him to scrap the gum off the floor. He refused (because he didn’t want his crush to see him) and was fired on the spot. He says, “It was in that moment that I learned that there are two types of people — there are the people who own the store, and the people who scrape the [explicit] off the floor.”

O’Leary’s success story starts where most entrepreneurs begin: with a big idea and zero cash. From his basement, he launched SoftKey Software Products. As sales took off, Kevin moved his headquarters to Cambridge, Massachusetts and went on an industry consolidating acquisition binge.

He is Chairman of O’Shares Investments an Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) company and O’Leary Ventures a private equity firm. He recently launched an app called Beanstox which makes investing easy for new and experienced investors, with a choice of 100+ ETFs and 1000+ stocks.

He is also founder and chief sommelier of O’Leary Fine Wines, an award-winning wine maker. He will launch his holiday wine at QVC in West Chester, PA,  this Sunday, December 11th and assures us it’s a great deal on great wine. “If I put my name on it, it’s spectacular,” says Mr. Wonderful.

You can watch Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank Sundays at 9:00ET on ABC.


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