by Shannon Frost Greenstein

By now, you’re probably aware that the 98.1 WOGL Loves our Kids Radiothon is December 7th and 8th.  We’ve been doing our best to get the word out, to get the community excited, and to prepare for an incredibly important two-day stretch.

But that’s not what we’re going to do right now.  Right now, we’re going to tell you precisely why this is so important to us.  And, hopefully, you’ll see that it could potentially be very important for you, too.

The #WOGLradiothon, at the the end of the day, is for the children.  These are children who are facing frightening odds, frightening medical procedures, and frightening outcomes.  Some of them have been hospitalized for weeks or months.  Some of them have been hospitalized for years.  As a mother, I try to imagine that, and I literally can’t even.  I’m wondering if all you mothers and fathers out there feel the same.

That’s why we partner with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  CHOP, and specifically it’s Child Life Services, allow these patients to just be children.  It allows them to live.  It gives them a life, a life recognizable as a child’s life, with as many of the same joys and experiences that unhospitalized children get to have.  The funds raised from the #WOGLradiothon stay entirely in Philadelphia, directly impacting Child Life and the Social Work Emergency Fund, which exists to assist the families of CHOP with the incredible financial burden they are facing.

We’re hoping you’ll realize that a donation to the #WOGL radiothon is an investment.  It’s an investment in the city, and in an institution which puts Philadelphia on the map.  It’s also an investment into cutting-edge, top notch medical care, which may very well benefit your own child or one you hold dear.

(For some stories of OTHER children your investment would support, click here.)

I’m guessing any family with an ill child doesn’t think they will ever be in such a situation as to need CHOP’s world-class services.  They certainly don’t hope they ever will be.  But, life isn’t fair, and just because it seems like you’re not in a situation to benefit from CHOP’s work…someday, God forbid, you might be.

That’s why we do this.  That’s why we mobilize doctors, social workers, radio staff, local celebrities, sports teams, and patients into this incredible initiative.  Because we are striving to not only help sick children, but to help them be children, despite the hand they have been dealt.  And that is something every child deserves.

Please find it in your heart to listen to the #WOGLradiothon on Thursday and Friday, and hear the stories from CHOP children whose quality of life was improved by this amazing hospital.  If you are able, consider a donation, or signing up to be a monthly miracle worker.  Together, we can create tomorrow’s breakthroughs.


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