By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Listeners, it’s the season of giving, and we try to embody that in everything we do here at 98.1 WOGL.  We don’t just mean giving away concert tickets and prizes like we do typically; we mean going above and beyond, making small sacrifices to help those in need and making a meaningful difference in someone else’s life.

We can’t think of a better example than something which happened recently here at the studio.

We had posted a meme on the WOGL FM Facebook Page asking for listeners’ Christmas wishes.  The response was enormous!  Everyone had a Christmas wish to share, and we loved seeing all those comments!  Amidst the desires for cars and clothing and candy, however, were some truly heartbreaking hopes:  Family members surviving terminal illnesses, desperately-needed funds to just get by, the simple presence of children or parents who may not be able to make it home.

We’re not going to lie, it was a downer.  We wish so much we could do ALL of those things, to make everyone’s life easier, happier, and more fulfilled.  Sadly, that’s not in our power to accomplish, but we CAN do our small part to have an impact.

That’s why Marilyn Russell granted two Christmas wishes with money from her own pocket.

Anna Hurley commented on our meme that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was a bit of money to make a bill payment.  anna hunley Listeners Christmas Wishes Granted by Marilyn RussellShe commented that she had been struggling financially for awhile, and this payment was just out of her reach.  Marilyn gave Anna a call on air to let her know she would be granting this wish, and Anna’s reaction proves how meaningful even the smallest gesture towards another can be this season.  Check out the clip below.


Marilyn also reached out to Betsy Farnham, who had simply wished for a romance novel from her favorite author, Nora Roberts.  betsy Listeners Christmas Wishes Granted by Marilyn Russell  Naturally, Marilyn was happy to grant this request as well…and, upon calling Betsy, learned that the book would be a birthday present, too!  Listen below.



The world can be a dark and scary place, but it’s actions like Marilyn’s that bring a bit of light to the human experience.  Please, this season of giving, consider what you can do to make a difference in someone’s life.  We guarantee their gratitude, joy, and relief will be reward enough for whatever small sacrifice you make.  Happiest of Holidays, everyone, and let’s keep these good feelings going all year!


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