By Marilyn Russell

By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Jason Priestley has some mad respect for Nick Foles.  Not only is he a fan of Philadelphia, he’s a HUGE Eagles supporter, and Marilyn lets him know he is welcome here ANY TIME.

Jason has been working himself into the ground recently…something Marilyn points out seems to be actually IMPROVING his ALREADY PHENOMENAL good lucks…with his new show Private Eyes.  Originally a series of books that the actor optioned with his team, the TV series is years in the making, and Jason is thrilled to bring it to an American audience.

Even better, the show got the rights to the Hall & Oates song “Private Eyes”, which, Jason reveals, was actually the inspiration for the show’s title.  Hall & Oates being a Philly band, there’s YET ANOTHER reason to love Jason and his work.

Jason’s character, Matt Shade, is a cocky, sports-car-driving, former-hockey-playing, suave individual, so it’s not TOO hard to imagine Jason in the role.  We’re not saying it’s typecasting…but, handsome actor, handsome private eye, suave 90210 personality, suave detective…it’s easy to see him fitting into Matt Shade’s shoes.

Check out the show on Ion television, and check out Marilyn’s interview…and Jason’s love for the Eagles…below!



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