That Guy Taken Out By the Subway Pole? Yeah, We Interviewed Him.

January 26, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein There's no way you haven't seen it yet.
  You've probably even seen it from a different angle.
  But did you really think we were going to let it go?  Did you really think we weren't going to find him? Because we did.  We found him.  His name is Jigar Desai.  And we interviewed him. [audio mp3="/"][/audio]   The takeaway? He did it for us.  For you and me.  He did it because we're Philadelphians, and because we're the underdogs, and because we all deserve to get hyped up over something as incredible as an Eagles win.  This was selfless.  His getting taken out by a subway pole was for the greater good, was for ALL OF US.  He put on a Septa pep rally that captured the spirit of Philadelphia; he was passionate, committed, fired up; and he. just. wanted. to. make. us. feel. good. Jigar took one for the team.  In more ways than one.  He was going for a last and final "Go Birds!", and even though he had to deal with that blunt-force trauma, it was, according to him, just another day in the life of a TRUE Eagles fan.