Amanda Owen, Founder of Justice Bell Foundation, and Jen Weikert, Executive Director of College Possible

January 29, 2018
This week, Marilyn's first guest is Amanda Own, Founder and President of the Justice Bell Foundation and author of both "The Power of Receiving" and "Born to Receive."  The Justice Bell serves as a symbol of women's suffrage in the early part of the 20th century, but has since fallen from public memory.  Given that the nation is approaching the centennial of the addition of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Justice Bell Foundation strives to reaffirm the ideals of freedom and equality for which the Bell originally stood.  Just as the iconic Liberty Bell has been described as announcing the creation of democracy, the Justice Bell announces the completion of democracy.  The Justice Bell finally rang in a huge celebration of victory at Independence Square in 1920. Next you'll hear from Jen Weikert, Executive Director of College Possible, a 501(c)(3) that strives to make college admission and success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support.  It also continues to support its students all the way through college graduation.  Thus far, students guided by College Possible have a 98% college admission rate and are four times more likely to graduation from college than their peers.  In 2016-17, College Possible served 800 students, and aims to continue to close the degree divide between socioeconomic levels in the city of Philadelphia by building a competitive workforce for the future. [cbs-clip-player content_id={c9a8e387-888f-4368-86e0-a877011f5bc3} size=large station=15]