CBS Philly's Meisha Johnson Gives Us the Lowdown from Minnesota

February 2, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein In case you were wondering...everyone loves an underdog. That, at least, is currently the case in Minneapolis, as we heard over the phone from CBS's Meisha Johnson today.  She is in Minnesota covering the pre-Super Bowl fervor, and was quick to tell us the climate over there in Vikings land. Somewhat surprisingly, given the degree to which the Eagles slaughtered the Vikings, the residents of Minneapolis are not holding a grudge against Philadelphia or its team.  Rather, they are just pumped to be hosting a Super Bowl, regardless who made it there and how. Also surprisingly, Meisha says a lot of people she's seen are pulling for the Eagles! It's the underdog thing, of course.  You have the New England Patriots, who have so many Super Bowl rings they can't wear gloves in that cold New England air, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who have never won a Super Bowl and who lost their star quarterback before the big game.  With the momentum built up after that tragic night, mostly due to Nick Foles stepping in, the Eagles are a sweetheart story, a rags-to-riches metaphor with which everyone can commiserate. Perhaps an entire nation tired of the Patriots winning streak is feeling the same way?  We, of course, are bleeding green, but it seems there's a mighty good chance the rest of the country might be doing so on Sunday as well. Check out the audio from Marilyn Russell's call with Meisha Johnson below! [audio mp3="/"][/audio]