Remarkable Women: Jane Seymour, Actor, and Linda Samost, Nonprofit Founder

March 7, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Marilyn Russell's guests these week guessed it...truly remarkable. First, we meet Jane Seymour, who needs no introduction.  The English actor has been a Bond girl, a television star, and a self-help author over the course of her amazing career.  At 67, she is showing no sign of illustrated by her recent Playboy photo shoot! Jane and Marilyn discuss her new original series "Let's Get Physical", which airs Wednesdays at 8;30 p.m. on POP.  Naturally, they also touch upon female empowerment in the entertainment industry, particularly how fortunate Jane feels to still be working in the business after a lifetime of Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, and critical acclaim. Next, Marilyn sits down with Linda Samost, the Founder and Director of Sunday Suppers, a Philadelphia nonprofit focused on strengthening the health and well-being of low-income families through the transformative power of family meals.  Linda founded the organization in 2010 on the belief that everyone is entitled to affordable, nutritious food, regardless of income, culture, or location.  Since then, Sunday Suppers has served more than 18,000 meals to over 200 families at its site in Kensington. Sunday Suppers offers a five-month program`centered around a weekly family meal. Families assist the preparation of a fresh dinner made from locally-sourced, healthy food, served in a restaurant-style setting.  At the end of each meal, every family is also given a to-go bag!  The program supports a large,cohesive community that endorses healthier cooking and lifestyle behaviors. These two women really embody the philosophy of "Remarkable Women", and we were delighted to host them!   [cbs-clip-player content_id={9b3e9bfd-dd9f-4e4c-b409-a89701702a42} size=large station=15]