We Might Be Able to Go to Concerts Soon, If We All Wear Spacesuits to Them

Is this what's next?

May 5, 2020

Questions still remain on when concerts and live events will resume.

There have already been talks about resuming professional sports with the absence of fans, but that's a little more tricky when it comes to concerts. However, a design studio in Los Angeles has come up with a solution that could have us attending shows once again, sooner rather than later: spacesuits.

It's called the "Micrashell," and has a ventilation system that will protect you from viruses in large crowds, such as at a concert.  Also, apparently there is only a top piece, so no need to worry about how you'll use the bathroom in that thing.  It even has a camera, speakers, and a wireless communication system which will allow you to "mute" other people around you. 

Los Angeles design studio Production Club is behind the suit. Head of inventions Miguel Risueño says, "you have a big change happening in the whole world right now. Society, at the end of the day, is way more flexible and intelligent than the credit that we give them. Through education, something like that may be very weird can be learned and accepted."

The idea behind the suits is that the venues would own them, dole them out to attendees and sanitize them between each use. Production Club says they hope to have the suits ready by the time concerts start again.

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