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Closeup portrait headshot woman pinches nose with fingers hands looks with disgust something stinks bad smell situation

What's the Worst Smell?

The "New York Times" just did a story to try and find out that the worst smell in the world was. They used a scientist and said the worst smell are the toilets from military fields. But there are a lot of nostril pinching, hold your breath, or wave your hand in front of your face to get it away bad... Read More

Wet Nose Wednesday

Each Wednesday, Glenn Kalina is going to show case an adoptable pet from our friends at the PSPCA. You can contact them for more information on how to adopt your new best friend! Make sure to follow us on social for all of the Wet Nose Wednesday updates! Twitter: @wogl FaceBook: WOGL Instagram: @... Read More
Snow In Philadelphia

A Snow-less Winter In Philadelphia

It feels like we've had absolutely no snow this year. It's not looking good for this winter if you're a snow lover. There is only a couple more weeks in February, and anything that falls in March is probably just going to melt Are you sad about the lack of snow this winter or do you consider it a... Read More
WOGL To-Do List: A valentine 'to die for,' Aretha tribute, and more for Feb. 14 to 16

Things to do in Philly this weekend, Feb. 14-16

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Love is in the air this weekend — especially if you love another person, musical tributes, or atypical tours. Philadelphia has plenty of opportunities to share with or without your valentine, from conventional sweetheart skates at City Hall to an unorthodox take on... Read More
Eat, Drink & Be Marilyn

Eat, Drink & Be Marilyn: Down & Derby Wine Festival

Two award winning wineries join Eat Drink & Be Marilyn and share their excitement about the 2nd Annual Down & Derby Wine Festival, Sat May 2nd at Cooper River Park. Valenzano is a double gold medal award-winning winery and Tomasello is a 4th generation business in the Outer Coastal Plain of... Read More
Woman rejecting a geek boy in a blind date

What Was The Worst Date You've Ever Been On?

We know some people are thinking about Valentine's Day and hoping they will have a great date night out. We're not interested in that. We want to know about the WORST DATES you've ever been on? This morning we heard about a drunk date, a bad time at a theme park, and someone who wanted to pop the... Read More
funny bride and groom playing with a basket of supermarket

What Non Traditional Place Did You Get Married

There's a Denny's in downtown Las Vegas that is setting up a pop-up chapel. And on Valentine's Day, you can get married or renew your wedding vows for FREE. They will also alive DJ, a champagne toast, and live DJ and pancakes. We asked our listeners if they got married in someplace more non-... Read More
Rear view. Two people choose food in a fast food restaurant

How Would You Feel About Valentine's Day At A Fast Food Restaurant?

Producer Zach is planning to take his wife to McDonald's for Valentine's Day because that is where they went for their very first Valentine's Day together. Do you think this is sweet or is it time for Zach to grow up, be a big boy and take his wife and mother of his child to a real restaurant. We... Read More
Remarkable Women Melanie Corbman and Heather Annechiarico

Remarkable Women - Melanie Corbman and Heather Annechiarico

Today's show features Melanie Corbman. She is the Manager, Clinical Genetics at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Melanie shares a fascinating story of how she came to the field of Genetics and genetic counseling and the great work that CTCA is doing with patients around that. Our second guest... Read More