Philly's Very Own Alpaca Yoga

Did we mention, they're baby alpacas?

February 19, 2019
Alpaca Yoga

Philadelphians are no exception to loving all things fluffy and cute so there's no question on what the hype is about for alpaca yoga! Yep, that's right. Alpaca yoga.

YOGA HIVE Philly is putting together their very first Alpaca Yoga event in Philly and you can probably guess the hype surrounding the event is already pretty bonkers. 

There are seven sessions all taking place on Saturday April 20th on 1914 E Passyunk Ave and tickets are $45.

But (uh oh) because this event is the first of its kind, tickets have already sold out--yeah, people are crazy about baby alpacas. But be sure to stay on the lookout for future events like this one on the YOGA HIVE Philly page!

If you’re like me, you might get alpacas confused with llamas but here are some of the traits that differentiate alpacas from llamas.

  1. Alpacas are group-minded while llamas are more individual-minded.
  2. Alpacas are fluffier and more colorful!
  3. Llamas can grow to be over 400 pounds while alpacas only grow to about 190.

In other words, alpacas are the llamas’ smaller, hairier cousins.

Were you lucky enough to score a ticket to Alpaca Yoga?