Sweet Spots for the Ice Cream Lover

Have you checked these places out yet?

February 25, 2019
ice cream

Who said ice cream is just a summer time treat? While best served cold, the creamy goodness is the perfect treat no matter the season.

Here in Philly, we take ice cream seriously—and I mean, seriously. The best thing about ice cream is that it doesn’t discriminate (unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case I’m so sorry), so you can go alone, with your friends, kids, or coworkers! It’s a universal ice breaker and a crowd favorite. Here are some top spots in Philly for you to check out!


Weckerly’s has a certain French café feel to it. Located near several bars and restaurants in Fishtown, Weckerly’s always has a bustling crowd late at night no matter the season! They’re known for their ice cream sandwiches and distinctive flavors. Make sure to try out their Honeysuckle flavor and the Black & White ice cream sandwich! The sandwiches, ice cream, and interior of the place all seem very clean and precise serving as the perfect Instagram photo hotspot.

Franklin FountainOld City

First, let’s talk about the interior of this place. Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities you can visit with cobblestones originating from when William Penn and Ben Franklin walked the streets themselves. The old time feel is all in the details of this place with the employees wearing ‘50s-era caps to serve your ice cream. The flavors are unique and flavor packed! Be sure to try out the honeycomb or peach flavors and bring cash! They didn’t have credit cards back in the day now did they?

Little Baby’sKensington

Little Baby’s is a special place nestled right next to Pizza Brain in Kensington. Little Baby’s is known for their wild and eclectic flavors that are unexpectedly delicious. Get yourself a scoop of Chipotle Chocolate, Cucumber Dill, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the Earl Grey Sriracha!


Hello soft serve! Everyone loves a good soft serve in a cone and Kuriimii will not disappoint. While they’re closed until the Spring time, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about the flavors you’ll try come March! They’re best known for their Taro and Charcoal Vanilla flavors and some awesome toppings too!

Have you been to any of these sweet spots? If not, definitely go and check them out! I promise it'll be worth it.