Hear All About Marilyn Russell's trip to Ireland!

Noel Harte from CIE Tours International joins Marilyn to discuss the Emerald Isle!

August 10, 2018

Marilyn Russell just flew back to the states from Ireland, and, boy, are her arms tired.

Sorry.  #notsorry

The point is, she's been in the Emerald Isle, she's got amazing photos (check out our Facebook page!), and she's even got a professional (Noel Harte from CIE Tours International, to be exact) on her show to tell us more about this amazing country and the journey they took! 

Check out their talk below, whether you accompanied Marilyn on this Ireland trip or if you just like listening to charming men with Irish accents...and this guy's brogue is SPOT-ON.  

Welcome back, Marilyn!