Olivia Newton-John Dishes on New Memoir, “Don’t Stop Believin’"

Olivia Newton-John speaks candidly on her initial reaction to her #1 hit "Physical", her relationship with Elton John and cannabis

March 15, 2019

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Olivia Newton-John wants you to know she is alive and well! She joined Frank & Marilyn in the Morning and shared stories about her initial reaction to her 1981 #1 hit "Physical" and joked how she should have really capitalized on that whole "exercise craze". She discussed her new memoir 'Don't Stop Believin'" that reveals her life story from her unforgettable rise to fame in the classic musical Grease to her passionate advocacy for health and wellness in light of her battles with cancer.

Oh, and have you ever wondered if she hooked up with Elton John? Olivia sets the record straight. Listen to the interview below.