He's the Boss and He's Back!

Bruce Springsteen Drops “Letter to You"

October 23, 2020
Bruce Springsteen

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He’s the Boss and he’s back!

Bruce Springsteen has a documentary and cd for us and for the times – “Letter to You” was officially released this morning!

Like us, Bruce is feeling introspective.  He’s the last man standing from the bands prior to the E Street Band. This new album was also inspired and written on a guitar a fan gifted him after one of his Broadway shows last year. Something even more amazing, it was written in just 10 days as Bruce was trying to lift his creative spirit.

Gotta give the man his props, 45 years of rocking our world deserves our  acknowledgement, respect, and admiration.  I realize not everyone is a fan for one reason or another but everyone respects and admires how timeless his work is, and that he’s still “Summoning all that his heart finds true!” More importantly he realizes that your interpretation isn’t always his intent, but that’s the genius of his work…it works on so many levels for so many people.

 “Born in the USA” has practically been adopted as our national anthem but it’s actually a protest song reflecting on the war in Vietnam. “Born to Run” feels so upbeat, but, again, just wants us to rebel the traditional rules, abandoning what we’ve been told and instead finding truth and reaching for what really matters…grabbing that “last chance power drive!”

Catchy hooks for sure, but the messages run deep. His best songs have a paradox, not unlike great novels. On one hand, everything feels and is specific. On the other hand, the themes are so universal that everyone relates on some level. There’s a darkness on the edge of town with Bruce, but also a promised land…one gets the feeling no matter how dark the times, Bruce will find the light and shine it back on us.


I have a confession to make and It honestly feels silly and naïve now, but I missed out on a lot of live Bruce and you know, if you’ve ever seen him and his incredible E Street Band live, they give 100 percent of energy. Love and rock and roll all night long. The first time I saw him and the band was at The Spectrum on December 8th, 1980. Does that date mean anything to you? That was the night John Lennon was shot and killed. For my generation, that was the day the music actually died. Even though Springsteen’s “Point Blank,” was never even released as a single, it was a top 20-hit purely on live performances, a live show staple and a brilliant song! Once the show ended and a whole gang of me and my friends were walking back to the car, I  couldn’t stop talking about how happy I was he had performed it that night and out of all the songs, it was my fav.

If I said it once I said it 20 times “I can’t believe he did ‘Point Blank,’ so happy he did Point blank…wasn’t it awesome that he did Point Blank!!!”  Hey I was young and very fired up after a highly energized rock show…so I may have repeated myself a lot (sorry, not sorry).

Anyway, we proceeded to load up the car and of course,  popped on the radio for the post show block of Bruce, and that’s when the radio announcer said “John Lennon was shot ‘point blank’ in front of the Dakota Hotel tonight and was pronounced dead just moments ago.” 

Everyone in the car kind of froze and looked at me as if I had predicted this horrifying outcome by saying point blank a ka-trillion times on the way to the car. We had to pull over because I became hysterical, so much so, that they almost took me to the hospital instead of home. In hindsight, I never quite recovered from that loss and consequently, this is why I never saw Bruce again until nearly 43 years later when I got invited to a special event around the launch of the movie “Blinded by the Light”. It was magical, Bruce and Patti actually sat in the movie theater with us to watch the movie (in Asbury Park of course). Afterward, Bruce hit the stage with Southside Johnny and brought the house down. The curse was lifted and it was one of my all-time favorite events, and worth the wait. More importantly, no one I worshipped died that night. But of course, Bruce killed it!

Bruce is saying once the pandemic is under control, get ready for a big awesome live concert and party with him and the E street band. You and I know “that’s where the fun is…” and is certainly one thing we can hang onto while we wait.

“Letter to You,” is out today and is Bruce’s first album with the E Street Band since 2014.