New Jersey Uncorked: A Snob-Free Taste of New Jersey Wine

Marilyn speaks with David K. Mullen about his new book and our great New Jersey wineries!

September 7, 2018

David K. Mullen is a popular wine blogger at, and a proud New Jersey resident.  He is also the author of a new book, entitled, "New Jersey Uncorked:  A Snob-Free Taste of New Jersey Wine."  It is a comprehensive guide of Jersey's 51 wineries...yes, that's 51!...and the wine they produce, which has been garnering some frequent acclaim from the wine-drinking world.

The book is categorized by geography, and prides itself on presenting information in a universal, accessible format that doesn't alienate the non-sommeliers among us.  It doesn't get caught up in technical jargon; it treats both amateur wine drinkers and professionals with the same level of respect.  

David's book is a wealth of information about all the wineries in the state, including location, website, types of wine produced, awards, insider tips, and special best values at each vineyard.  It includes information if there are dining opportunities, entertainment, or a pet-friendly vibe.

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