Marilyn Russell's Remarkable Women: Deborah Cassidy, Alyssa Milano,  Julia Fisher Farbman and Cindy Connors

January 20, 2019

First we meet Deborah Cassidy, Director of Sales, Marketing & Family Services at West Laurel Hill Cemetery and Funeral Home. West Laurel Hill Cemetery serves as a community resource by partnering with other nonprofits, hosting fundraisers, volunteering and giving back to the community… and this year is a big year for them!! They are celebrating their 150th anniversary! Deb shares all the fun events they have planned to celebrate this impressive anniversary.

Next Marilyn talks to Alyssa Milano – yes thee Alyssa Milano from Who’s the Boss, Melrose Place, Charmed, etc. Alyssa dishes on the new season of Project Runway All Stars that airs Wednesdays at 9:00PM on Lifetime. Alyssa also answers a question we’ve probably all wondered to ourselves…. what it’s like to be a meme?!

Wrapping up the show, Marilyn and Laura sit down with Julia Fisher Farbman and Cindy Connors --  the brains behind Modern Hero. Modern Hero is an Amazon docu-series that highlights female role models who are defying the odds, shattering glass ceilings, and making a difference in their careers and in the world. Launched in January 2017, the show has already won awards and is gaining some serious traction online. Check out to learn more, watch episodes, and be inspired!

Check out the episode below: