The Linc has the Highest Beer Prices in NFL

Lincoln Financial Field has the most expensive beer per oz. of any other stadium in the NFL

November 7, 2018

© Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


The Linc charges the most for beer per ounce of any other NFL stadium.

That’s right, we always new stadium prices were more than we ever want to pay for any single food or beverage item, but The Linc actually has the highest price per ounce for a beer in the NFL at 75 cents/oz according to Statista. This stat is based off of a $9 price for a 12 oz. beer at the stadium.

When you compare that to other stadiums in the league, there are 6 stadiums that sell 12 oz. of beer for $5 (46 Cents/oz.) and 4 stadiums that sell 20 oz. beers for $10 (50 cents/oz.).  when we look at our interdivision rivals, the Redskins and Giants go at a price of $9.50/16 oz. (59 cents/oz.) while the Dallas (sucks) Cowboys beer sells for $9/16oz. (56 cents/oz.). The NFL league average is set at about 15.8oz. for $8.17 or about 51 cents/oz. of beer.

I get it, we're Philadelphia, we’re rowdy, and we like our drinks. Maybe this is a risk strategy to keep beer from being thrown at players (like batteries or snowballs). Maybe its just a tip of the hat to the amazing tailgates we have outside the stadium, where we have such a good time, we’re all good and ready for the game before we get inside. But, I’m not going to lie when I say: a $5 beer during the game sounds really good.