Top 6 Movies To Take Your Kids To This Fall

These Movies Will Keep Your Kids Entertained, At least For A Few Hours

October 3, 2018

The Grinch, November 9th

It’s the Grinch we all know and love, back in animation. The story follows the Grinch, as he once again tries to steal Christmas from Whoville. Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, this is a classic, must see, adaptation that is sure to be enjoyable for people of all ages! Time to be annoyed by Christmas.



The Nutcraker and the Four Realms November 2nd

The movie adaptation of the Nutcracker is a good one, where Clara must head to the “Four Realms” after finding the coveted key.  It follows Clara as she has to brave the Fourth Realm, home to Mother Ginger, to retrieve Clara’s Key and return harmony to the erratic world.



Wreck it Ralph 2- Ralph Breaks the Internet, November 21st

The new Wreck It Ralph takes it to a whole new level and modernizes, going from his original arcade game form, to the internet! Ralph and Vanellope travel through the internet via a Wi-Fi router to search for the piece capable of saving their game.



Johnny English Strikes Again- October 26th

A cyber-attack reveals the identities of Britain’s undercover spies, Johnny English is back to find the super hacker and save the day again!



Mowgli- October 19th

Mowgli follows the story of the main character after the “Jungle Book” and his adaptation to living with the humans as well as facing off against Shere Khan, the tiger.



Goosebumps 2- Haunted Halloween, October 12th

Follows two young teenagers that find the one book that R.L. Stine never meant to be opened. “Haunted Halloween”. Based on the 400-million-selling series of books, thisis set to be the Halloween movie of the year!