The 2018 Carson Wentz Charity Softball Game

Eagles players will try their hands at softball...for a great cause!

April 6, 2018

Carson Wentz and his AO1 Foundation are at it again...this time, with a celebrity charity softball game!

On June 1st, Wentz and a number of his Eagles teammates will take to the softball field at Citizen's Bank Park for a family-friendly affair to benefit Wentz's AO1 Foundation.  The game starts at 7:30 p.m., but there's a home run derby first at 6:30!

Tickets range from $5 to $100, and are available at the AO1 Foundation website, at the Citizen's Bank Park box office, or by clicking HERE.

The ultimate question remains...will Eagles playing softball be ducks out of water???  Or will they fly high, as they've been wont to do lately, and blow us all away?  You'll have to attend to find out! 

And we want to help you get there!  Listen to the Breakfast Buzz on 98.1 WOGL starting Monday, April 9th, for your chance to win tickets all week!  

Let's fill those seats!