97 year-old Holocaust Survivor Fronts Heavy Metal Band

Don't adjust your glasses...you read that correctly.

January 7, 2019

Inge Ginsburg lives in Israel, though she grew up in Vienna, Austria.  This 97 year-old woman survived the atrocities of the Holocaust in her youth, but went on to have an amazing and storied life. And now?  Now she sings in front of a heavy metal band.  Sometimes in German.

Yes, you read that correctly.  She's a 97 year-old Holocaust survivor, and she fronts a heavy metal band.  And...get this...they're GOOD.

Inge, who is Jewish, was born in 1922 in Vienna, and was a teen when Germany annexed Austria.  She and members of her family were stranded in Vienna, separated from her father, and then smuggled into Switzerland to safety.  She speaks seven languages and has lived in Tel Aviv, Hollywood, and Equador, to name a few.  And she fills her days now with her passion, writing lyrics for heavy metal songs.

Inge's wartime experience shaped her worldview, naturally, and inspires the poems she shouts in pearls in front of screaming guitars and long-haired musicians.  She says, "“They say, ‘Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,’ but that is not true. Freedom is really there. But you have to be strong. To be free you can’t blame anybody else for your decisions. You have to take your responsibility for it, and that takes both shoulders."

We are in awe of her strength, creativity, and sheer STYLE.  Congratulations, Inge...you're doing heavy metal proud!