Florida Man Charged with Assault after Chasing Neighbor with Tractor

A property dispute led to the aggravated assault by farm vehicle

July 12, 2018

A 72 year-old Florida man was arrested back in June for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after he tried running down a neighbor with a tractor.

Howell Lamar Morris was caught on video chasing Scott Lynch in his tractor by Lynch's wife via her cell phone.

Lynch's wife called 911, and can be heard saying in a recording of the call, "Yeah, he chased him down on his tractor and my husband had to run, yes.”

Apparently, Morris and Lynch had been engaged in a long-standing property dispute, which appears to have boiled over.

Morris was released on $2,500 bail and faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon...the weapon being, of course, a tractor.