New Jersey Residents Eligible for FREE Trees!

Yes, that's right...real, authentic, oxygen-producing trees.

April 6, 2018

Are you a New Jersey resident?

If so, pay attention...your life could be about to get much greener.

You see,  after Superstorm Sandy, an organization called the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign began its efforts to replace the countless number of trees lost in the 2012 hurricane.  It's a hugely important initiative, and YOU can play a part. 

How?  Well, you've got an easy job.  You just need to pick up the FREE trees they're offering you...yes, that's FREE.  Every New Jersey resident in the participating counties are eligible for five seedlings, which come from the New Jersey Forest Nursery in Jackson.  You need only plant, nurture, and love them, and YOU'VE helped the campaign beautify the region and promote sustainable living!

More than 30 different species of trees are being distributed throughout the program, and the seedlings residents receive will depend on their geographic location.  

"Municipalities in the northern part of the state may receive sugar maple or black oak trees, while towns in the south may receive Atlantic white cedar or other species adapted to this region," New Jersey Forest Service Chief Todd Wyckoff said in a press release. "Seedlings distributed to shore towns may include bayberry or beach plum, shrubs commonly found on dunes and in other coastal environments."

The Campaign estimates it has given out over 500,000 trees since 2014, and they're not slowing down anytime soon.  The Distribution Centers are giving out the seedlings between March and May, depending on the center, and a full list of the centers and date of distribution can be found HERE.

If you have the land, head on out to adopt your five trees, and know that you're part of a much larger effort to make New Jersey green, sustainable, and beautiful for generations to come!