Ohio State Delivers Marching Band Tribute to Queen

The Rose Bowl Halftime Show featured an AMAZING performance of Queen's Greatest Hits!

January 2, 2019

Yesterday was, of course, New Year's Day, and, just like clockwork, the Rose Bowl dominated the afternoon.

It was an exciting game, naturally, but what caught OUR attention was the halftime show.  More specifically, what caught our attention was the AMAZING ODE TO QUEEN'S GREATEST HITS by the Ohio State Marching Band.

At the collegiate level, marching band is no joke.  And this performance proves that, with its razor-sharp precision in formations, its timing, and, of course, the amazing rendition of our favorite hits by Freddie Mercury and Brian May.  

The crowd, obviously, LOVED it, and responded with a huge ovation deserving of the amount of work that must have gone into the show.  Check it out below!