Racing for the Cure: Come Join Susan G. Komen Philadelphia!

Together, we can all make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

April 5, 2018

When it comes to breast cancer, no one has the luxury to ignore the disease.

Over 40,000 individuals die every year from breast cancer, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who has not been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, whether it's personal experience or the journey of a friend or family member.

Because of this, we are all together in the fight against breast cancer.  We are a family by necessity, all with the same goal of eradicating the disease to save thousands of lives and improve overall quality of life.  And Susan G. Komen Philadelphia is our matriarch in that fight.

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia strives to fundraise for breast cancer research and offer support to those suffering from the disease.  The organization is leading the way in the region for a cure, and it's aptly-named Race for the Cure is the best way to get involved and lend a hand!

This year's race/walk is May 13th...that's Mother's Day...and will bring together survivors, supporters, and advocates in a sea of pink and good cheer.  It is, above all else, a celebration of life, and a means for us all to do what we can in this battle.  You can participate in the event, donate to the fundraising goal, or just come out to recognize all the participants.  Any way you choose, you can help in the search for a cure, eventually saving those 40,000 lives we lose each year until that goal is reached.

You can find all the details on the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia website, and can register to walk, form a team, or make a donation by clicking HERE.