Virgin Galactic Aims to Begin Space Tourism by 2020

Celebrities are already lining up to book seats on the inaugural flight!

July 10, 2018

Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson announced that his company hopes to launch space tourism by 2020.

The plan is for a spaceport in Grottaglie, Italy, which will make commercial space launches a reality.  It would be accessible to both space tourists, and researchers who need to launch projects into orbit.

The space flights are already open for reservations, with celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Katy Perry having booked a $250,000 seat on the shuttle.

In a written statement, Branson said, "From the Renaissance to modern space science, Italy has always been a natural home to great innovators and breakthrough ideas which have shaped the human experience."  

Virgin Galactic aims to fly space tourists to an altitude of 360,890ft (68 miles / 110 km), going beyond the 328,000ft (62 miles / 100 km) defined boundary of space.  Its latest test flight, which launched in May, reached half way to the edge of space.  

Come 2020, we'll just have to see if Virgin Galactic has reached this formidable goal.  And if so...who do you think will be the next big name to book a space flight?

Check out this AMAZING video of Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity shuttle in flight below!

Last week we were joined by the big boss @richardbranson as the team witnessed VSS Unity soar under rocket power for the second time with its nose pointing firmly towards the black sky of space! Credit: & Trumbull Studios and of course our amazing teams @virgingalactic and @thespaceshipcompany #space #weneedspace #virgingalactic #thespaceshipcompany #rocketpower #supersonic --

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