The Tight Knit Crew Reinventing what Pizza means at PIZZA Shackamaxon

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. Including Pizza.

June 11, 2019

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Pizza isn't a business at PIZZA Shackamaxon. It is art. No - it's a way of life. We're honored to have them in our pizza family with their amazing pizza at Pizzadelphia Fest on June 15 at the Navy Yard. Get your tickets before they're gone.

Owners Josh Philips and Marcello Montagnaro brought the dream to life and help to run the shop on day to day basis to ensure all pizza operations run smoothly. Pizzaiolo Kevin Schofield and manager Ryan Ellis, former counterparts from Clarkville in West Philadelphia, joined forces to make no-frills honest pizza. The challenge for them has been to fill the shoes of Pizzeria Beddia which operated in the same location on Shackamaxon and East Girard - and by golly, do they fill them. The duo work their magic in a minimalist shop, providing four types of pizza - plain, pepperoni, tomato pies, and a specialty slice which changes weekly.

If Merriam-Webster had a museum of images made for every entry, this would most certainly be a contender for 'Za. . . . Thanks for the gorgeous shot, @pizzabilly

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Rather than serve as many pies as quick as possible, PIZZA Shackamaxon has a more compassionate philosophy towards ‘za. By realizing that the key to perfection is time and care, PIZZA works on crafting each slice rather than a whole pie, using only premier ingredients such as Jersey Fresh tomatoes and California olive oil.

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The pizzeria is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12PM to 10PM and Sundays from 12PM to 8PM. In lieu of using a telephone for orders and reservations, there is a system designed so that each slice and pie is given sufficient time to be crafted. By logging onto their website, you can get a dough reservation for a whole pie for a specified time. When you go in to get your pie, then you specify which kind you want - ensuring that each pizza is made as fresh as possible.

Be sure to catch PIZZA Shackamaxon at Pizzadelphia Fest II, and definitely stop in for a slice or make a reservation for a whole pie at their home base!