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Billy Joel Fun Facts

13 Billy Joel Fun Facts

In honor of it being Billy Joel Weekend on WOGL , we decided to put together some fun facts that you might not know about the Piano Man himself! 1. His nickname is "The Piano Man" (Duh) 2. He released 12-Studio Albums between 1971 and 1993, and another in 2001. 3. Billy Joel is the 6th best-selling... Read More

It's a Billy Joel Weekend on 98.1 WOGL

> > > LISTEN LIVE < < < Since there aren't big concerts this summer, we're making our own by playing the BEST of Billy Joel , all weekend on 98.1 WOGL ! From Billy's first major hit, "Piano Man," through his next twelve studio albums, if you are a fan of Billy Joel, this weekend... Read More

Pennsylvania Ranks Inside the Top 10 States to Retire

When it comes to spending your time after employment, Pennsylvania was ranked in the top 10 states by Yahoo! finance . For this year’s rankings, Yahoo! took into consideration a number of different variables: cost of living, crime, age, property price, and life expectancy. Pennsylvania was ranked... Read More
Julie Ertz

Remarkable Women: Julie Ertz & Lizanne Magarity Pando

WOGL honored Julie Ertz as our Remarkable Woman of the Year last year and she continues to show how remarkable she truly is. You may have seen the emotional embrace she shared with her teammate Casey Short while the National Anthem played at the start of the second game of the National Women’s... Read More
Happy Halfway Day! We're Officially Halfway Through 2020

Happy Halfway Day! We're Officially Halfway Through 2020!

"Whoaaaaa, we're halfway there!" - Bon Jovi Maybe meet someone halfway this weekend and spend time together. (With physical distance and a mask, of course.) And try to look at the glass half full! It is the perfect chance to ask your boss if you can take a half-day! How are you celebrating getting... Read More

These Malls Are Reopening To Feed Your Inner Shopaholic

Malls are allowed to open up again on Friday with Philadelphia moving into a "modified" green stage. Here are the malls opening up in Philadelphia that are going to be able to give you some retail therapy! Philadelphia Fashion District Reopening: Friday, July 3rd Hours: 11am-7pm (Mon-Sat), 12pm-6pm... Read More
Dog Parks

The Best Dog Parks In PA/NJ

The Delaware Valley has an abundance of dog parks to explore, so we decided to try and dwindle down the best parks in the are just for you! Pretzel Park, Manayunk 4300 Silverwood Street A simple park in the middle of manayunk where you can then take a nice walk through the town and get great... Read More

Gritty Gets A Makeover On Queer Eye

Season 5 of Queer Eye on Netflix takes place in the greatest city on Earth, Philadelphia, so it is only fitting that the team from queer eye comes in and meets with some of our mascots. In the mini episode, Gritty is nominated by his good friend, the Philly Phanatic and the team comes in to give... Read More
Family Hiking

Best Trails in the Philadelphia Area

Getting outside and staying healthy during this crazy time is crucial! Hiking can be an amazing activity to do with friends and family that you can continue to practice social distancing during! Luckily the Delaware Valley is located in an area that is exposed to amazing trails! Join Ranger Kelly K... Read More